Bank of Asia is irrelevant in the dispute between Carson Wen and Chad C. Holm

Regarding the employment dispute between Carson Wen and Chad C. Holm, Carson Wen has taken further legal action. He has obtained Final Leave on 16 September 2020 and has appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy, which is the highest court of appeal for certain British territories, in the United Kingdom. It is again, worth mentioning that Chad Holm’s claim of unpaid wages was false and without evidence. This dispute was solely related only to Mr. Carson Wen’s Financial Holdings (BVI) Limited. As a result, Bank of Asia is never relevant to this dispute. It will be irrelevant and useful to bring in Bank of Asia into this dispute and issue.

Carson Wen is the Founder and Chairman of Bank of Asia, which is licensed and regulated by the financial services commission (FSC) of the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Bank of Asia adopts digital channels to provide a wide range of cross-border financial services to its global clients, especially companies and individuals associated with BVI and other offshore jurisdictions. Learn more about the employment dispute at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/carson-wen-appealed-to-privy-council-in-uk-on-employment-dispute-with-chad-c-holm-861441264.html