Virtual workspace experience

Virtual workspace experience

Having a virtual workspace that does not disappear as soon as the webinar is over is extremely important. Some time ago, the necessity for a high-quality Online Community Software Platform that contained all the tools users needed was much needed but it did not exist. Every software was lacking a few features so people needed to use several tools to communicate effectively. Today, however, those issues are solved. UC. NOW is a Virtual Info Day Solution that makes virtual communication simple and easy.  

The users of UC. NOW can utilize the Online Community Software Platform for interviews, presentations, meetings, lessons, and a range of other purposes. Apart from meeting online, members can also share files and store them, without using any other programs. The Virtual Info Day Solution offers more than a video conferencing link. The InfoHub takes online engagement to a whole new level – it creates a space for all the participants that they can enter to access materials and stay informed even if they don’t attend scheduled meetings.

The advanced tools of UC. NOW made this Online Community Software Platform the main virtual space for the online engagement of many prestigious companies and institutions. They recognized the benefits of the Virtual Info Day Solutions so they are incorporating UC. NOW into their regular programs.

After the COVID-19 quarantine, people all around the world finally understood the importance of virtual communication. Although unfortunately, they learned it the hard way, recruitment companies, educational institutions, and a range of communities are fully embracing online communication and UC. NOW is there to offer them a fully-operational virtual space that they can use at all times.