Levels and Opportunities of a Hong Kong Wine Course

Levels and Opportunities of a Hong Kong Wine Course

Attending a Hong Kong Wine Course is an important decision that transforms passion for wines into opportunities and adventures. CorVino, a wine school in Hong Kong, is providing world-class courses for people with basic and advanced knowledge of wines. A professional team designed compact programs that teach attendees essential techniques through engaging, interesting activities.

CorVino has been operating for over 15 years in Asia. This school is an Approved Programme Provider for WSET courses, as well as a range of regional certification courses. The most popular Hong Kong Wine Course at CorVino is WSET. It consists of three levels, created for different groups of participants.

The first level of WSET consists of lessons that teach attendees how to use sight, smell, and taste to explore wines. They learn how to pair the beverage with food and to make a difference between different types of wines. The second level of WSET takes participants to a professional level of wine tasters. The Hong Kong Wine Course includes lessons on the major grape varieties, as well as the regions where they can be found; it teaches course attendees how to describe wines and understand all the factors that can affect the quality and style of the beverage.

To attend a Hong Kong Wine Course at CorVino, interested wine enthusiasts can contact the representatives of the wine school and receive all the information about the courses. CorVino’s specialist directs participants to suitable courses that match their levels of skills and knowledge. As they progress, they can attend more courses and become certified wine tasters at CorVino.