Sake Course Attracts Ambitious Enthusiasts Aiming to Become Professionals

Sake Course Attracts Ambitious Enthusiasts Aiming to Become Professionals

CorVino is consistently justifying its status as a top wine school in Hong Kong. The passion and motivation of the founders and educators successfully transmit to scholars that initially start learning about wines out of curiosity and their interest drastically increases with captivating courses at CorVino.

As an all-inclusive wine school, CorVino does not only offer wine courses but also a top-quality sake course. This popular drink, also known as Japanese rice wine is very popular regionally. Its original taste attracts beverage enthusiasts to learn more about sake and many of them are interested in becoming sake sommeliers as well.

Sake course at CorVino divides into three levels. The first level teaches course attendees all the basics about the drink, while the following two levels prepare them for the industry and enhance their passion for wine and sake even more.

CorVino’s teaching methodology is fun, captivating and professional. Scholars do not only receive theoretical education but learn how to explore sake in different ways. After completing each level of the sake course, attendees receive prestigious certifications that serve as great references for future career opportunities.

One of the main factors that determined CorVino’s success was the passion its founders have for wines and sake. With that passion, they built a modern school that welcomes all beverage enthusiasts and helps them become professionals in a competitive, challenging industry. As the school is constantly growing its capacity, professional staff invites all wine and sake lovers to turn their interest into a profession and explore drinks with all senses!