What is the Purpose of Teen Mental Health Service HK?

What is the Purpose of Teen Mental Health Service HK?

Teen Mental Health Service HK is extremely important and KELY Support Group is making sure everyone knows it! Since 1991, this non-profit organization has been transforming the way young people think about mental health, alcohol and drug abuse, and other critical topics that highly influence their wellbeing and future. KELY managed to become an integral part of a long list of educational institutions, which had an outstanding impact on youth in the region.

KELY Support Group carefully created strategies and programs that had powerful effects on young people. A few decades ago, educators did not give mental health the importance it deserved, which led to many issues afterward. Teenagers did not have the necessary skills and equipment to manage stressful situations; they also did not fully understand the harm of drug and alcohol use. With a comprehensive Teen Mental Health Service HK, KELY Support Group managed to change that.

The founders of the organization are proud of their results but they never stop changing and improving the Teen Mental Health Service HK. KELY is keeping up-to-date with the latest changes in behaviors and lifestyles, which motivates this group to create new services and find new methods to educate young people.

KELY Support Groups provides several programs that make learning easy and interesting. Through various workshops, and activities, teenagers can learn everything about the negative effects of alcohol and drugs and they can improve their stress management abilities. KELY is available for new partnerships so educational institutions are welcome to consult the representatives of the Group and start a new journey that will help young people in Hong Kong in long term.