SHARP Grows the Presence with an Innovative Office Printer

SHARP Grows the Presence with an Innovative Office Printer

SHARP, a multinational corporation with headquarters in Japan is distributing its new Office Printer HK to Hong Kong. The reputable partners of the corporation are selling the product widely in the region. Company owners and managers are not missing the chance to improve their offices by purchasing a multifunctional device that will save them space and money.

The Office Printer HK by SHARP serves various purposes. Therefore, it is not solely a printer, it is a multifunctional office device. Apart from printing, this tool is also copying documents and printing banners! Also, the SHARP printer serves as a fax machine and it allows users to save files in the Cloud, connect to the WiFi and share files via different devices and servers.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the security of the Office Printer HK. Therefore, the multifunctional device has multi-layered protection that secures online documents. Users can copy and print even documents of the highest discretion, without worrying about information leaks or document losses.

To establish the presence of SHARP in Hong Kong even more, this company is also offering IT Outsourcing. Company owners and managers from Hong Kong can call SHARP for all types of tech services they may need. Computer Setup, Network Setup, Data Backup, and Antivirus are some of the services customers can order at SHARP Corporation. If the client is purchasing the Office Printer HK and ordering IT support at the same time, the SHARP team will deliver and install the device, while also servicing the office computers. There will be no need to hire various technicians for different services because the SHARP team can complete all the requested tasks.